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Financial Accounts and Tax Returns

Whether annual financial statements or income and expenditure accounts – we take care of the preparation of your annual accounts and the corresponding tax returns.

We support you in meeting the legal requirements and at the same time provide you with all the information you need to manage the success of your business in the best possible way. We make sure that all depreciation options and benefits are claimed on your tax return.

We represent you before the tax authorities and social security agencies. If necessary, we file applications in tax matters, for example for deferral of tax debts or extension of deadlines.

  • Representation before the tax authorities and social security authorities
  • Preparation of balance sheets and annual financial statements
  • Disclosure of annual financial statements to the commercial register
  • Preparation of income and expenditure accounts
  • Consideration of tax concessions and/or preparation of comparative calculations
  • Preparation and filing of income tax, corporate tax, and VAT returns
  • Determination of the tax effects
  • Determination of additional payment or credit for social security for the self-employed
  • Review of tax assessments and filing of appeals
  • Filing of applications in tax matters